Sunday, February 19, 2017

The lead up

so we are off to the academy awards on Friday morn, for a big weekend of events. I am still recovering from London. We had a joint birthday party for the kids this weekend, the house looks like a tornado hit and everyone in the family has been hit with a low grade fever that becomes a higher one for one night. It all seems emotionally connected, but indeed we have all been sick and are hopefully recovering. I am eating raw garlic regularly and smell like a....well like a piece of cut up raw garlic.
There is no school for either kid this week, so I have no time to run errands. i have a lot of planning to do for childcare etc, but luckily my sister is being a saint and helping in a monumental way. I could not do it without her. And the kids adore her, so as much as they miss us, they have a great time.

I don't know what to say really. I have lots and lots of responsibilities that can't be passed on to anyone else. The point of my life used to be to hustle everything and have no responsibilities. It was fun. Now I am a responsible contributor and participant, which is grand. There are days when I would love to go back, just for a few days or a few hours, but that is not possible. I accept. Life is amazing. I let 8 kids play with my make up yesterday. They wrecked everything. I wasn't uptight. That is a victory.

There is no point here. I am rambling, just typing. I will leave by urging you all to see the films nominated for best doc, primarily the ones that deal with race in America- OJ Made in America, 13th, and I Am Not a Your Negro. If you are reading me for the vicarious thrill and not the politics, I extra urge you to leave your comfort zone and watch theses three films. Let's talk about them. Change your mind and heart, educate yourself, be part of the solution, it is so attractive.
Love love love, xh

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