Sunday, April 16, 2017

death and resurrection as Metaphors

i love the metaphor of Easter, how we suffer and "die" and then come back, rise again, resurrect. When I go through extremely painful challenges a part of me does die and then when I come out the other side I am a different person, stronger, smarter, more empathetic. It is not easy to "let go" of things that are not good for us- parts of ourselves, beliefs, habits, people, etc- it can feel like we are dying when we try, it can feel undoable, and then some outside force pushes us through and we curl into the fetal position barely making it, but making it out the other side, new and different. Or external circumstances happen, it is not even a choice- someone dies, or we are taken to court, or we lose someone/something, or some other calamity happens that affects our core, our family, something gets threatened and we have to fight with every bit of strength we have and we can't go on, we are done, but some how we do, we go on, we get through, and in time we are different, smarter, stronger, kinder. Easter happens all the time. Don't fight it, feel it.

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