Friday, April 7, 2017

I love ny part 2

we got off the metro north at grand central around 6 pm. The kids were melty. It was a long day in the country. We had come from a memorial. We were a little out of it. we got on line for a cab ( there is a cab stand there, like at the airport). the dispatcher was sending volunteers across the street to more cabs. I volunteered but it was a little unorganized and I didn't want to cross with the stroller and the kids and everything and find out that someone else had hopped in the cab. I didn't want to lose our spot. We needed to get home.

Then a cabbie comes along and seems to be interacting with the dispatcher and he asks how many we are. 4. He says, "Great, come with me I am parked over here". We follow. And then I see we have been suckered like dumb tourists- The guy is taking us to his town car a few feet from the cab stand. Not a reallybig deal, but a little deal, as we have kids, he may or may not have insurance, etc.

Harmless enough, I take it as a lesson learned and since we lost our place on the line, we go for it. He asks us where we are from, feeling us out. Hmmmm. We are going down 5th ave and I ask if it goes straight through, wondering if there is any construction today. He  says it ends at "union square, nyu". Hmmmm. We are flying down 5th ave and He turns on 19th, which will take us out of the way and add time to the trip. I ask him why he turned because I can see that traffic is running all the way to Washington square. And he says "traffic". Ok.

So I go into my coat pocket where I remember have the receipt for the same trip, opposite direction, when we left our place the day before. The only difference is that the first trip was during rush hour. $14 and change including the 20% tip. Cool.

I show him how to get to our building and I ask the price. $60 he says. Say what? $40. My husband gets out knowing to let me handle this one. I ask the guy to pop the trunk. My husband gets our stuff as I explain that we were on line for a yellow cab, which would have cost 12 bucks, and I ask if he has a meter. He doesn't. Ok then I am going to give you $14, which includes the tip. He tells me that it costs $20, which is a good price. I make sure the kids are on the sidewalk and all of our stuff is out of the cab. I give him the $14. He yells that I am "hungry", I guess he meant greedy. I don't want to rip off anyone. I want to support the greater good and bring everyone up along with me. I didn't take back the tip. I told him he picked the wrong people. He drives away yelling "Hungry". Whatever.

On a side note, he reminded me of what my lawyer told me in court. She said, " If someone answers a question starting with the word 'honestly," or "honestly?" They are probably lying." People in the wrong often  see or feel the opposite in their head. # 45 uses that word a lot. He also accuses others of all of the things he is guilt of- liar, fake news, the swamp, illegal, etc. it's the same when you or I attack someone, point a finger and there are 3 fingers pointed back.

Anyway, I couldn't believe I had fallen for such a lame tourist trick. I didn't pay his outrageous fee but I followed him to his fake cab. There were reasons, as the dispatcher was indeed sending people to different places, ( clearly still defending myself to prove I am not lame), but still, I got suckered. I guess I got a little soft these last 15 years. Not too soft, but a little. I guess it really is time to go back to LA.

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