Monday, April 24, 2017

Life at the speed of sound

So much happens every sec, no time to write it down, but I try...

So I wasn't allowed to drive in Los Angeles these last 3 months. My license expired in ny and I needed to renew it in person in Los Angels. I was able to get an extension, but it only permitted me to drive outside of California. I can be a real hustler, but I tend to be a goody goody when the stakes are high. I got back into town last week and I did not drive for a few days until I could take a cab to the dmv. A day later I drove my husband to the dmv because he was in the same situation.  I planned to get my car to my mechanic for an issue the next day. On the drive back from the dmv my car died on Santa Monica blvd as I was driving along alone and in the fast lane. The accelerator stopped working and some lights came on the dash and the truck behind me was honking away as I slowed to a crawl. I was able to coast as two cars passed me and then I pulled over and rolled into an illegal spot. Within minutes triple a was there.

The issue is expensive to fix and probably not worth it and I probably need to get a new car.

But I feel so much gratitude because I had an up to date license, no one was hurt, my kids were not in the car and I have triple a, Super easy tow to my mechanic. if I had driven to the mechanic on this day this incident would have taken place on the 101 and I am not sure it would have ended so tidy. I am in such a great place. I have the most amazing life with the most comfortable bed in the world, an amazing family, the best friends anyone could want, and as I sip my homemade lime basil elixir I understand the enormity of my luck and I feel so thankful to be alive and carless in l.a.

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