Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ramos with out the "m"

you know that restaurant on e 115th street where you can't get reservations unless you have reservations and most of the patrons are celebrities or mobsters? they make that sauce? yep, i went to that place.

Quintessential New York.

I have connections, namely my friend David Breschel. He took us to the Los Angeles joint a few years ago. It was great- great crowd, great people watching, great food. Everything was cooked perfectly. it wasn't exactly the type of food that i eat, but it was flawless.

then he took us last week to the original, the east harlem one. This time is was all that and more- it was sublime. the crowd was all mob, no celebrity, and actually felt dangerous. I wondered for a sec if being there was worth being the possible innocent victim of a shooting. I am 51 years old and more than one woman gave me a "look", the kind I would get in high school from girls from the outer boroughs who could want to beat me up. The crowd was absolutely made up of people who would have beaten up my boyfriend, and possibly me. (Not that I couldn't take her, whoever, she was, but because she wouldn't fight fair, one on one) Why on earth would I want to be put myself in the situation in the first place? Why on earth would I want to be here? And then the food came and everything I just typed went out the window.

It was one of the most delicious meals of my life, even if 80% of it wasn't exactly food I eat. It was way better than the Los Angeles experience, which I will chalk up to ny water, what else could it be? And I would go back tomorrow, caution to the wind! Did I mention that the reservation was at 930 and we didn't take a bite till after 10? I normally eat dinner at 5:30 and often I do not eat anything after that. We didn't get home from dinner till 1am. I gained 3 lbs that have not left me.  I would do it again tomorrow, but luckily I can't. I can only go again, not of my own free will, but at the invitation of someone with reservations. Fucking New York. How I love your secret magical hideaways...

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