Thursday, April 20, 2017

The two things I didn't tell you

Lice are icky, but a part of having kids. You just deal with them. Even most of the most squeamish parents learn to accept them.  They are not as bad as fleas and certainly not as bad as bed bugs. They don't infest your place. They are drag because you have to do a bunch of loads of wash- clothes, outer wear and bedding- and you have to treat everyone in the household to a serious hair treatment but they go away pretty fast. You just have to be diligent and follow up to make sure that each and every microscopic egg got removed. Still the general public can get really horrified by them... That is why I did not mention that during the whole awards season lead up me and my family and lice.

I found it to be brilliant that while I was shopping for my Gucci and having cocktail dresses sent over from a really cool and generous shop that I was in the wake of a lice outbreak. My kids both got it and gave it to me. That was the first time I actually got lice as an adult. I thought I was immune, but no. I wanted to share the hilarity of my contrasting lives- Kensington Palace invites and lice follow ups- but I didn't want to scare off my generous sponsor. (Never mind, we won't be sending anything over). I had my final follow up check up a day before flying first class to the BAFTAs. I was clear. Thankfully. But I had to keep my little secret because of the delicate nature of everything. I didn't want people to shy away from congratulatory or consolatory hugs at the big events. We didn't have lice by the time we got there. But I could understand if people felt apprehensive. I don't blame them, that's why I didn't tell them. Ah the glamourous life...

The other secret ...oh you'll have to wait till next time.

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