Saturday, February 3, 2018

Don’t talk -Don’t trust-Don’t feel- Pretend nothing is happening.

It has been a while my friends...i have been standing on the side of the pool sticking my toe in for a month or so, hesitating and not ready and then Wow! I am blogging again. I came across this video and it inspired me to put the pen to the paper so to speak.

the video is by a preacher, posted below. i am not religious and i do not believe in the same path as this guy, but he says so many things i agree with. i just use a different means to get there. he talks about the path from deep damage to being healed and of service, and that all it takes is one person caring enough to show you the way (via bible and god's word). actually it was a few different people who gave me the my tools (not a bible) to manifest a better life. I'll add that it was my choice to use the tools.

there is one part of the clip that is BRILLIANT because he says that:
"When you are 'tortured' you learn 4 things:
Don’t talk
Don’t trust
Don’t feel
Pretend nothing is happening"

i can't recall anyone else saying that so clearly. Embracing that information is the very essence of learning to have empathy for people, (like if you judge the "me too" people or want to fight about how victims of abuse 'should" act). But more importantly, understanding that and reversing it is the way you heal/change yourself: you find you  voice, you learn to feel your feelings, find your peeps or you community-people you actually can trust, and you recognize that yes a lot of bad shit happened. (all that takes time. that is why some people take a while before they can come forward). 

i also really like-
"god uses greatly those have been wounded very deeply. He will turn your pain into power, your wounds into wisdom" (his version). My version is more that you can use the depth of your roundedness to have great empathy for others, and you can use your experience to help others.

anyway it is really is actually inspiring to listen to him speak if you are able to relate to message, I had to substitute the whole "god-bible-devil" part for "unconditional love and support".

my very best wishes to all you cats out there in blog land. big love!

(i saw it posted on fb from a conservative website but posted by a smart pal.
you can watch it or skip it here...)

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